covid 19

Executive Committee Concerns Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

Over the last week we have seen an unprecedented escalation of concerns for public health with the spread of COVID-19 and a range of restrictions placed upon Australians. This has impacted on our usual way of life and as such on how we, as a club, operate. To this end I have decided to implement a range of changes for TSOA.

60th Anniversary Dinner
The 60th Anniversary Dinner celebration at the Mercure Hotel, Ballarat has been postponed and will now be held later in the year as and when a suitable date is identified. I would like to stress that the function has only been delayed until the current situation has eased.
Mark Campbell will be dealing with the Mercure to change our booking and negotiating on the Club’s behalf of all those who have a room booking. He will be contacting those with room bookings direct once we know an alternative date. I might add the Mercure are being very co-operative.
An announcement will be made as soon as a suitable date is set.

Club General Meetings
General Meetings at The Manningham are suspended for April and May as of this date and will resume on 9th June subject to conditions prevailing at that time. Although we cannot predict what might be, we are hoping we’ll be able to resume normal activity in June.

Executive Committee & Sub Committee Meetings
Executive Committee meetings will continue via telephone or video conference hook up. This will allow normal club business to be conducted, information regarding COVID – 19 to be considered and club activity to resume as soon as possible.  Meetings of sub committees will be conducted in the same way if required.

Coffee Mornings
Coffee Mornings are also suspended, and I have asked Jim Cain to implement a new calendar for when we resume normal activity.

S.P.I.T.F.I.R.E. Project & TR Workshop
The SPITFIRE project and TR workshop are also suspended until this current situation has eased, but this does not mean that work on the projects one can do at home can’t continue. I would encourage you to continue with side projects for the programs.

I thank everyone for your understanding in what is a very difficult situation and urge everyone to keep in contact with your fellow club members on a regular basis even if it’s just a phone call or email, just to be in contact. Remember be aware of the directions of the health departments and practice good hygiene: I have never washed my hands so much and now fear they will get soft!
Stay safe and see you soon.

Roger Jeary
President TSOA Vic Inc.
17 March 2020