Association Of Motoring Clubs Recmmendation
The Association of Motoring Clubs has had many reports and requests for
information concerning the use of permitted (“CPS”) vehicles during the current
Corona Virus emergency.

As  you know, the country is under emergency  regulations regarding
social distancing and private movements.

Everybody is being encouraged to Stay At Home

The Association supports efforts to safeguard the health of our citizens
and seeks the support of the movement to do likewise

Vehicles, whether they are registered or permitted (CPS) may only to be used for essential or emergency movement.

The current Emergency Regulations restrict ALL vehicles to the following uses:

Going to work or school  if essential,
Shopping for essentials,
Visits to medical services.

Any vehicle and occupants detected by the police, not involved in one of
the above can be stopped and fined.  As of close of business Friday Vic
Roads has no policy on the use of permitted (CPS) vehicles during this time of
emergency regulations, but is discussing the matter with Vic Police.

It is our belief permitted (CPS) vehicles are probably part of the police
crackdown on caravans, motor homes and recreational four wheel drives.
Permitted vehicles are being seen as recreational vehicles.

So our advice is unless absolutely necessary for the reasons outlined
above leave your club permitted vehicle at home.

UPDATE as of Tuesday 7th April

The only reasons Victorians should be leaving their home are for: obtaining food and supplies, medical care and care giving, exercise, and work or education.

While you can continue to use your club permit vehicle, its use must only be in connection with one of the above activities (as well as being in accordance with the usual rules for use of club permit vehicles). 

Victoria Police have powers to enforce social distancing laws and can issue fines of up to $1,652 for individuals who don’t comply.

Ian Ross
Association of Motoring Clubs
4 April 2020