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1. History and Local Assembly -­AMI Factory information, photos & map, registration figures & local magazine road tests.

2. The ‘AMI Factory’ Team Racing Spitfire ‐ magazine article, photos and interview with current owner Rod Carey.

3. Other Historic Melbourne Racing Spitfires – a feature on five prominent local Spitfire race cars.

4. Melbourne Triumph Dealers and Spitfire Parts Suppliers ­‐ magazine ads etc from Businesses in the early years.

5. Melbourne Spitfire Enthusiasts and Their Cars Through the Years–a feature on 55 individual local cars and owners.

6. TSOA Spitfire Driver Champions ­‐ a record of the TSOA Spitfire Champions back through the decades.

7. TSOA / TCCV Spitfire Concourse Winners – Spitfire Concours winners recorded back to the 1980s.

8. Triumph Spitfires In the Future – looks at importing cars from the USA and the challenges of restoring a Spitfire.

9. Register of Surviving Melbourne Triumph Spitfires –a Register of current Spitfires in-Victoria–How many are left?

10. Triumph Spitfire Quiz–How well do you know the Triumph Spitfire?

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