COVID-19 Stage 4 Impact on Club Permit Scheme


The COVID – 19 pandemic has required us to make real changes to the way we do many things: TSOA and the CPS are not exempt.

As a result of the recent, new COVID – 19 restrictions, VicRoads has made changes to the CPS.

In addition, TSOA’s must address its OH&S obligations to its office bearers and members.

As a result, the following changes will apply to Club Permit Scheme.

New Applications:

There will be NO New Applications processed by the Club, between now and September 30th, 2020. This is to protect everyone.


Renewals will be processed, but only under the following guidelines:

1.   The vehicle owner MUST fill in the Vehicle details – the VicRoads form is an editable form and may be completed by hand or electronically.

a.    Electronic version: Download, complete and save it on your system/computer, and  forward to TSOA’s CPS Officer as an attachment to an email:  or

b.   Hard copy: Fill it in and send it by mail P.O Box 201 Park Orchards. Vic. 3114.  BUT PLEASE  include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

2.   Upon receipt he will sign and return the form to the vehicle owner, subject to the vehicle owner being a financial member of the club. If the vehicle owner is not a member (including those members whose membership has lapsed) the form will NOT be processed.

3.   The member can then submit the signed form to VicRoads using the online renewal portal, by mail or at a customer service centre – if they are operational.

4.   This process is in place to protect us all. Please, You MUST NOT turn up at the CPS Officer’s place of residence and expect to get your forms signed.

5.   You can still mail the forms to the CPS Officer, but the new Online Renewal Portal will minimise handling and postage and should be used in preference to mail.


The following was provided by VicRoads, regarding the new facility to pay club permit renewals online. This feature is available from 31st July 2020.

1.    Renewal notices will be posted to permit holders as normal.

2.    Changes to permit details cannot be made online. For changes, call the VicRoads contact centre on 13 11 71.

3.    Paying your permit renewal online:

  • Online renewal (“Online Renewal Option) will be available through the myVicRoads portal account from 31 July 2020.
  • The link to set up your myVicRoads account is:


4.   The Club Permit Scheme vehicle will only be displayed in a customer’s myVicRoads account if the vehicle is linked to a VicRoads Client ID (licence/client number).

5.    If club members want to use the Online Renewal Option and do not see the Club Permit Scheme vehicle in their account at the time of renewal, they can contact VicRoads Call Centre on 13 11 71 to have it linked to VicRoads account.

6.   The other options of renewing at a Customer Service Centre or via mail, will continue to be available.

However, some of the services at the Customer Service Centres may be currently disrupted due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

7.   There is also a new club permit endorsement form to endorse a vehicle requiring renewal.

An authorised club representative will need to sign this form and return it to the customer to attach it with their online renewal application. This form will be available on  website.

Link to the club permit endorsement form.pdf – Link to the form on