Advertising Policy

1. All businesses will be asked to pay for all advertising at the nominated advertising rates. [Business being defined as those entities having an ACN/ABN and includes both members and non members.]

2. All members who do not fall into the above category but who advertise consistently in the magazine will be asked to make an appropriate donation.

3. All Ad Hoc and /or Classified advertising by members will be free up to a maximum of three [3] issue for any one advertisement. Thereafter an appropriate donation will be requested.

4. All Non members will be asked to pay a $10 fee for a run of three advertisements over three [3] issues.

5. An annual review will be undertaken by the Committee in relation to all members who provide special services and / or sponsorship to the TSOA Club in relation to their advertising costs as to whether any charges will be levied.

6. A  register of advertisers and annual arrangements is to be maintained by the Editor and recorded in the Committee Minutes

 to a facilitate ongoing records.